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  • I have enjoyed working with Emilee on our ranch. She is responsible, detail oriented, punctual, and communicates well both verbally and electronically. She thinks outside the box and is willing to contact others to solve problems. She is a hard and determined worker and yet creative in her thinking. She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty while working and jumps right into the task. She has a well-rounded knowledge base yet follows directions well. Billing is fair and timely. I find Emilee to be very personable, pleasant, and easy to get along with. Highly recommend using her.  - David Pitts
  • "I loved to attend a series on mind set and goal setting, on Ag and Wildlife exemptions, on livestock and pet health. We have a small farm compared to a majority of the ladies in my area, but I am always looking to learn and grow, which I did with this series" – Eve Crawford
  • “I want to take this time to write about a very knowledgeable caring person, Emilee. I have donkeys that after many tries, I could not find anyone who was willing to deal with them since they have a reputation of being stubborn. But Emilee came to my rescue. She taught me alot about them and showed me how to calm a donkey by earning their trust to deal with them. She is my lifesaver when I was at my wit's end. Great job Emilee; you’re the bomb!!"-Patty Hudson
  • “We bought 225 acres last year on a beginner farming loan through USDA. So we were interested in management and promotion along with getting protocols in place (vaccines/weaning/etc.). Also coming up with plans for what we do when a cow is limping-separate/Medicate etc. We wanted some ideas on what to try first, and Emilee shared this with us. Thank you for reaching out, your agriculture ownership success series was super beneficial!!” -Susan Fields